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Okay, so my post title says it all.

Pure fun for two whole months. WHOOOOOO!

Anyway, this is going to be my first recipe post. Pathetic, yes, I know. (by the way, it’s one a.m. in the morning here, and I just baked these 5seconds ago. So you can more or less tell how i’m really going to live life crazy these few months 😀 )

Sooo, let me tell you about today.

It  didn’t start off very promising as it was pouring really heavily in the morning.IMG_3092The mood in the canteen, where everyone was assembling to take the Chemistry paper, was of restlessness, excitement and anticipation. It was the last paper for most students, so although everyone had their textbooks on the table, not many were actually reading it.


Lyn in a sea of blue

Only the super hardworking ones were still doing this



After the paper, which ended at 9, the whole hall broke into cheers and applause. After four years of working so hard for this examination, it was finally over! Read the rest of this entry »


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