Hey you, I’m Florence! I bake and I photograph.

When I was younger, I loved making Betty Crocker’s chocolate chip cookies. I remember that at the age of 9, Mum and I made brownies. Oh, they were brown alright. That day was the first time our fire alarm screeched it’s shrill voice.

I became seriously interested in baking only in 2007, which was two years ago. I have not looked back since.

Teacher's Day Presents

When I first started baking, I thought that the taste of what I  made was way more important than how it looked. After starting this blog, I realized that food is not considered delicious based only on just how it tastes; the visual factor comes into play too.

That led to my interest in photography.

man's definition of gold and nature's definition of gold


I can’t claim to be an excellent baker, but I know that with more experience, dedication and hardwork, someday I’ll be able to make exquisite pastries.

I call baking and photography my passions. You might think otherwise, as I’ve only just begun my journey into all things good tasting and good looking. But then, the definition of Passion is a strong affection or enthusiasm for an object, concept, etc. So I’m certain passion’s the right word.

I’d love for you to drop a comment to tell me how I can improve on my pictures, writing or baking(: