*sweeps dust off blog*

Hi there. Missed me?

Okay, so I haven’t been blogging for nearly a month now. Blame the crazy O level examinations. It’s going to be over in a week’s time(!!!!). Gosh. I really can’t wait for freedom to come on the 13th of November! Finally, I will have enough time to bake, to photograph and to enjoy teenage-hood.


Although this is supposed to be a food blog, the food part of the blog hasn’t been really obvious. :/ ah, my bad. It’s not going to stay that way though, because I’m…


Actually, I joined in July, but I didn’t have enough time to participate in the challenges. But that’s in the past, and I’m super excited to be able to participate in the November challenge! WHOOHOO.

Anyway, I do have some pictures from random events. Thank goodness I have an outlet to release my pent up frustration. If not, I’d probably be stuck in the mental hospital right now. And no, I am seriously not kidding about how stressful preparing&sitting for the O’levels are.

Preparation for the Graduation ceremony. Like our hats? :)

Preparation for Graduation Day. Like our hats? 🙂

Mum bought me sunflowers to cheer me up

Mum bought me sunflowers to cheer me up


Memories of Cedar

I’ll  be back real soon!:D