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I’ve been wanting to post about this for a while now, but I didn’t really have the mood to. This year hasn’t exactly been the best year for me. Not only did I have to deal with all the stress that I’ve been facing in school, I’ve also had some problems with a good friend of mine. So for the past week leading up to today, I’ve actually been dreading the moment that I officially turn 16.

The saddest part of having my birthday just three short weeks from one of the most important examinations that I’ll be taking in my life, is that I can’t bake my own birthday cake. As you know, my aunt gave me two vanilla beans earlier this year, and I had promised myself that I would definitely use them in my birthday cake.

Definitely. IMG_1667

Two weeks ago, I realized that baking my own cake would be very impractical as I would probably spend the whole day just decorating it. That’s not exactly the best idea when I still have to much to cover in the next two weeks. So I thought, let’s make a compromise. I’ll bake something REALLY simple and use my vanilla pods another time. I spent 15 minutes making a lovely and rich Lavender Chocolate Ganache last night, and I was already planning to make an awesome chocolate tart. Sadly, things did not go as well as planned as Mum told me I would be sending the wrong message to others if I baked my own birthday “cake” and brought it to school. Ah well, so there goes my awesome tart.

A few hours after dinner, Mum and Dad went out to buy my brother’s breakfast. While they were out, I spent my time figuring out Biology. When they came back half an hour later, Mom was carrying a cake in her hands.

Yes, she bought me a birthday cake. This was one of the very few times that I’ve been surprised by my family for my birthday as it’s just not our tradition to do so.


Ah, I was so distracted by the thought of turning 16 that I forgot to add that I loved the cake and my parents are awesome for having surprised me.

Love is where home is. Does that make sense to you? I hope it does!


Anyway, gotta go now! Before I do, I would really like to thank Mr Chue for lending me the DSLR. Although I couldn’t take that many pictures, I had a awesome time playing around with the functions! I LOVE SMALL APERTURES. (: The pictures on this post were taken by a Canon 450D.



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