Yes, I haven’t been blogging.

No, it’s not because I’ve given up on my lill’ blog:D Olevels are fast approaching, and I’ve decided to work hard and try my best to get 2 and go to Hwa Chong( yes, HC, I must be a slightly mad!).

Anyway, I won’t be entertaining you very much nowadays, but here’s something for you to enjoy. It’s a composition I wrote on Singapore, more specifically my neighbourhood!:D

Describe a day at a place which allowed you to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Last week, I felt as if I was about to explode from the stress of studying for my O Level examinations. So, with my digital camera in hand, I decided to take a short walk around my neighbourhood.

Out of boredom, I took a picture of the white bougainvilleas that my neighbour had planted. I did not expect the picture to turn out very well, as I did not do any careful positioning or planning. When I saw the image however, I was immediately blown away! The pristine white bougainvilleas looked so elegant! Free from any blemishes, they resembled the delicate white roses that are synonymous with grand weddings.

It was as if the dust that previously covered my eyes was removed. Suddenly, I noticed the petite yellow grass flowers that flooded the little patch of grass just a meter away from my house. Oh, they were absolutely adorable: minute yellow spots in an ocean of lush green. As I turned in a circle, I saw the countless wonderful creations of nature scattered all about me. I was shocked, as I never expected to see such wondrous nature in an urbanized area such as where I live in.

Looking towards the horizon, I saw a very special tree. It was shaped uncannily like a heart. As I walked closer towards it, I heard melodious chirping. Curious, I looked up and saw a lovely amber coloured bird. It was extremely small, no bigger than the size of my palm. It sang light, cheerful songs of happiness, and all the stress that I had just felt instantaneously melted away. I stood there for a while, admiring the bird as it hopped from branch to branch.

I continued walking down the road, trying to look for more of what nature had deprived me of for so long: beauty. Along the stretch of road, there were numerous potted plants. However all of them were a boring shade of green. Did nature once again decide to hide herself from me? Out of the blue – or maybe green – a cat ran out from inside a drain and towards me. It’s lithe body, covered with silky midnight black fur stood out from the dirty grey of the drain. It sprinted into an alley way and, although I knew curiosity may kill the cat, I decided to follow it.

In the small and cramp alley, more potted plants lined the narrow walls. Most of them had small and plain white flowers; not the vibrant colours that I was so eagerly searching for. With disappointment in my heart, I slowly walked away. A gust of wind blew, and a sweet fragrance greeted me. Slightly puzzled, I wondered who would spray eau de toilette out of their windows. I walked closer to one of the houses, and accidentally brushed against one of the potted plants. It was only then that I realized that the smell was not of The Body Shop’s latest perfume, but rather, it was nature’s bouquet. I took deep breaths, determined to savor the mesmerizing smell and etch it into my memory.

When I walked out of the alley, I realized that the afternoon had long gone. Looking at the space between the high rise buildings, I saw saw a multitude of colours: maroon nearest to the land, followed by deep orange, which led to a strip of the wonderful blue sky and ending with a finale of a shade of the most sensual dark violet. I tried taking a picture of the sunset, but my camera did the wonderful sight no justice.

As I walked home, I was not very sure whether I had been in Singapore the whole time, or whether I had just returned from a visit to Europe’s countryside. How could it be, that I have never been able to appreciate the ethereal beauty of nature that was right outside my doorstep?

Yes, it’s slightly exaggerated, but that’s how I’m supposed to write.