My friend, G left 15 minutes ago and my kitchen seriously looked like a whirlwind just swept though it. A chocolate whirlwind actually.


Okay, if you’ve ever read my blog, you would know that currently, I don’t post recipes. I know, food blogs are all about the recipes, but hey, my mental well-being (and my report card) is more important at the moment! I promise I’ll add all the recipes after Nov, okay?

Anyway, I told you about my plan for Teachers’ Day’s presents  awhile ago recently. So after much thought, I decided to make a Vanilla (yellow) and Chocolate Cake with Truffle Frosting. Nine Vanilla and Chocolate Cake-lettes with Truffle Frosting. We looked through 3 cook books fill we were finally able to decide what we were going to do.

Truthfully, I was rather apprehensive about baking with G. I very rarely bake with anyone, and I feel just like Elissa does about baking with a friend. After baking with her though, I was really thankful that she had agreed to bake with me. Without her, I probably wouldn’t have finished the nine cakes until 12 midnight. Which would be really bad, trust me.

We had A LOT of problems finishing them. Baking the cakes was easy. Really really easy. We decided that we were going to use White Chocolate Ganache as a filling. Actually, I have never heard of White Chocolate Ganache and I was just going to substitute the semisweet chocolate in Chocolate Ganche with White Chocolate. Lucky G reminded me that White Chocolate’s very sweet, and the cake would most probably make our teachers diabetic.


So we added both Semi sweet Chocolate and White chocolate, and we ended up with a very light brown ganache. Unique, I must say.

Anyway, frosting ONE cake is simple.


I started frosting at 1; I finished at 6. The cake was also kind of crumbly so I had a extremely difficult time frosting them as they kept breaking up. After much cursing and screaming, I finally finished 8 of them.

Unexpectedly, the door bell rang at that moment and G’s parents came into the house. I’m not exactly your best hostesses when I’m covered in chocolate and in the process of frosting a cake. So when they came in, I was seriously at a loss of what to do. G’s an Indonesian scholar, and between her parents and I, there was a yawning communication gap. They watched me frost the cake with serious expressions and I nearly fainted from the stress – stressed because G’s mom used to be a caterer, and she had obviously made beautiful cakes before. Being an amateur cake decorator, I was seriously panicking at that moment.


Luckily she didn’t faint or frown at my efforts, so I took that as a good sign. (Hopefully!)

We actually wanted to make rectangular chocolate pieces to top off the cake, but it didn’t work out, so we decided that chocolate shards would actually make a rather elegant topping. So anyway, we put the finishing touches and G’s Mom even helped me clean the cake boards of the excess frosting! YAY! So  all in all, a very fun and interesting experience! Even though I feel as if I have just finished a marathon, which essentially, I did (cake making marathon), I ‘m feeling kinda happy and maybe, I’ll start asking others to help me in the kitchen.

Okay, who am I kidding? G’s probably going to be the only person I’ll ever bake with! 😀


Random: Sport’s day collage!



Okay I made a mistake about only wanting to bake with G. I was tired and not thinking straight that day! Sorry to C&S ):
I’ll get back to posting when I have the time. Right now, I have about 10000 maths papers to finish):