The funny thing about having a blog is that I can lie.

I could lie to you about how I’m the smartest, most well liked person in the whole of my school, and what are the chances that you would be able to find out the truth? I could lie to you about how I felt so happy after making these Milan Cookies

Could doesn’t mean would though. Truthfully, I was really looking forward to making these last night.IMG_2143

So today, I happily mixed all the ingredients together and filled up my brand new piping bag with it’s brand new tips.(:D) When the first batch was baked, I kind of felt all the “happy” air go out of me. They turned out looking nice, just that maybe, when I tried this recipe, I expected magic to happen. I mean, I’m trying a Daring Baker’s Recipe aren’t I?

I guess that I’ve always had this dream of being a Daring Baker, such that I thought that when I tried the first Daring Baker’s recipe, I would suddenly become A daring baker. You get what I mean? IMG_2145

I wasn’t sure exactly what the recipe meant. So i piped out one inch lines of batter. They turned out really tiny, so I piped circles instead. They’re actually really cute, the size of a teaspoon. Maybe slightly smaller even. Although they weren’t all circular and perfectly shaped, I liked them. Finding two that were almost the same size was really fun, and since none were identical, it made them look really unique. The chocolate filling was really rich and I also added some cornstarch to make it thicker. It was really nice, actually. The richness of the chocolate complemented the light and crisp/chewyish cookies. Even if they don’t make me feel as if magic had happened, I don’t mind making them again, actually.

By the way, I’ll upload the Sports Day pictures another time. I took a crazy 116 pictures. Even uploading half of them would take ages. Gonna go for my “crabflower club” (???????) play now, bye!IMG_2146