IMG_1955Time flies by so quickly. Tomorrow’s Sports Day, and it seems just like yesterday when I attended last year’s Sports Day.

I used to represent my school for Tennis. Used to, as I’ve stopped training for almost half a year. I played tennis for the first 3 years of Secondary school, and trainings were a big part of life then. Last year, I was given a chance to organise a fund raising project to raise funds (what else?) for a charitable organisation called the Breadline Society. During then, I had already begun baking. I only did simple things like brownies and cookies. (I was too ambitious and tried French Macroons once. Don’t ask what happened) My friends especially enjoyed my brownies, and so I thought that they would make the most profitable easiest things to sell.

Oh, how wrong I was.

The day before Sports Day, my seniors and my friends, all whom were members of my school’s tennis team, went over to my house to make brownies. I didn’t think that it would be much of a challenge. We had 6 people, 2 tins, a lot of ingredients and a whole day to get things ready. After we finished the first batch, then I realized there was going to be a big big problem. We needed 200 hundred brownies. We took 2 hours to make the first 8.

You get the picture.

So from that point on, it went crazy. We baked non-stop throughout the whole night. A bakers dream come true?

Definitely not. I bake because I want to share delicious food with my friends; I put in effort, I take care to ensure that it tastes nice. That night, I did none of that.

We had to cut corners here and there, because we were running out of ingredients at 3 am in the morning. I baked brainlessly. Even if it didn’t turn out 100 percent looking good, it still had to packaged, and sold. It was so heart-wrenching to have to include all the “rejects”. I always throw away stuff that doesn’t taste good enough. Having to put those crumbled brownies into the paper bags was just going against my “I-bake-to-make-you-happy” principal.

After that, I swore that I would never ever bake with putting in my 100% effort again.

This year, Sports Day feels really different to me. There’s no anticipation, no excitement, just that feeling of acceptance that I have to sit through 4 hours of track and field. Maybe it’s because I’ve been so preoccupied with studying for prelims that I’ve totally forgotten how life should be fun and not all about studies; maybe it’s because this year, I won’t be spending it with my lovely seniors.

Anyhow, at least I know I’m going to make a group of girls happy.IMG_1951

I promised my friend C that I would make blue cupcakes for her. Okay, I WANTED blue cupcakes, but I was convinced by my good friend S that they would be look appetizing. So I made white cupcakes, with blue frosting. They had to contain some element of blue as I’m in the “house” Bougainvillea, and our coulour’s blue. C’s a cheerleader, and this year, they’re really hoping to win the Cheerleading Competition. All the best for them!

Anyway, I had a hard time making these. My newly bought muffin tin was slightly too large, and the muffins at the side didn’t bake as quickly as those in the oven. I conveniently forgot that Blue(colouring)+ Yellow(butter) = Green(frosting). Yikes! Luckily the frosting turned a nice shade of blue after adding more colouring. Phew. I thought the cake’s texture was kind of gummy, but Mum said it was fine, so I’m trusting her judgment.

Oh, if you realized that I don’t include the recipes, it’s because I don’t exactly have the time. Yes, I know, it’s ironic that I type such a long post, yet I find it time consuming to include a short recipe.  I think it’s kind of a psychological thing. Makes me feel more guilty knowing that I’m not memorising Redox reactions and preparing for O’levels!


Yes, I took one. It was too tempting to resist!

Yes, I took one. It was too tempting to resist!