Okay, I admit. It’s been really difficult trying to be enthusiastic about this poor little blog. Practically no one visits it! I don’t have a great camera, and neither do I have interesting posts to keep you hooked! Maybe I’m too ambitious for my own good; maybe I’m just a really lousy baker.

While thinking about that, I sort of realized something: there are very few Singaporean food blogs. I tried searching for some once, but I only found less than 10! Most of them weren’t very well known either. After much thought, I understand why it’s so hard for any  Singaporean to set up a successful food blog.

One of the reasons is that there’s a culture difference between Asia (or more specifically, Singapore) and other European counties. For example,what we eat here is definitely not what you would eat in America, lets say. Every night, my family has rice, steamed seafood, a plate of stir fried vegetables and the occasional clear soup. On Monday, I was rather tired of having the same old dishes, so I decided to make ratatouille as a main dish for dinner. So in went the eggplants, capsicum, carrots, yam, tomatoes and ladyfingers. Yes, it’s not the traditional french ratatouille. I Chinese-ifyied it. So how was it received?

Brother :
(after nibbling on a small piece of yam): ” See Sis. I do try your food”
He then turns to my maid and said, “Can you help me fry two eggs? I’m still hungry.”

He dug through the whole dish and asked, “I’m looking for luncheon meat(spam), chicken or beef. Why I can’t seem to find any meat?”

You get the picture.

So how am I going to make delicious Western desserts when even my family isn’t enthusiastic about trying them? You tell me.

Secondly, we don’t have the same type of produce here. We’re flooded with bananas, papayas, pears and apples. How about cherries, strawberries, blueberries and apricots? Oh they’re available, alright. You just need to pay a bomb to make a batch of blueberry cupcakes. Either that, or the fruits are sour as lemons. Papaya cheesecake doesn’t sound appetizing, does it?

Last and most important reason? We don’t speak proper, accurate English. In Singapore, we have our own version of English – Singlish. Our everyday speech  is peppered with lahs, lohs, mehs, and WHOA LAO EHs. There’s no translation for these words; they’re just “add-ons”. Every time I type a post, it feels like I’m writing an English Essay. I’m sure my English teacher would be proud to see how much effort I put into typing a simple post such as this one. Recently, I visited a rather well known Singaporean food website. When I read some of the comments, I cringed. The author wrote well, just that the people who commented didn’t really bother about typing in grammatically accurate English. My English isn’t that perfect either, but hey! At least I’m trying.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m a proud Singaporean. I love Singapore, the people, places and the characteristic uniqueness about this place.IMG_1776(I’m soo sorry! I really can’t remove the bluish tinge of this picture!)

These are my opinions, maybe you won’t agree. All in all, although I know there are going to be obstacles to overcome, I’m definitely not going to give up.