Baking changes you in ways that are so subtle, you’d probably not even notice it. For example, I’ve only just realized that I’ve become come a more patient person over the past year. I remember the first few times I made brownies – immediately after they come out of the oven,  I would  insert a knife into the sides and before you can say “hot”, my brownie’s already out of the pan. Most of the time, more than half of the brownie would remain stuck inside the pan.

Anyway, after having survived my Physics paper this morning, I came back and I immediately knew that today was going to be a Cake day. So out came all my different cookbooks, magazines, newspaper cuttings and so on. I was trying to think up of a cake that would knock the socks off of my teachers. Teachers’ Day’s on next Tuesday, and I think that having been such encouraging and wonderful people, they do deserve the best.

So I decided to try (again) a simple yellow cake. It’s seriously the most basic cake, and yet, it’s the cake that I cannot seem to make.

Hmmm. My previous attempts always yielded a cake that’s underbaked in the center. So this time, I left it in the oven for slightly longer than the specified time and, this is where my new found patience comes in, took it out of the pan only after it had cooled down. So here’s how being slightly more disciplined paid off:

IMG_1841Even Mom commented that it looked good. It’s the first time that she’s ever said that any of my cakes “looked good”.

IMG_1844IMG_1864This is definitely going to be a part of my Teachers’ Day present.