This post was actually written on Tuesday, after English Orals, but I was so depressed, I didn’t bother finishing the post. Furthermore, it’s difficult to be creative when your computer hangs on you every half a second. Anyway, I took a walk after dinner with my Mom. Mom knew that I was feeling really down, so she suggested that we go for some “retail therapy”. When it comes to retail therapy for me, it’s quite obvious that we weren’t headed for Parkway, Orchard or some other mall:D

Anyway, Mom took the walk as a chance to do some light exercise. I took it as a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature.




Sorry, this one’s a little blurry. I was trying to get the picture even though there was a horde of ants running up my leg…


I thought this looked like a heart. Mom said it looked like an eagle. Hm…


You know, the one thing that is ubiquitous in Singapore is seriously HBD flats.IMG_1773Yes, I love sunrises and sunsets. Who doesn’t? They’re romantic, pretty and beautiful in a really natural way.

Anyway, you might be wondering about my post title. Recently, I had a misunderstanding with a girl that I actually really respect. Truthfully, that part was really hard for me to admit as I’m rather “proud”. Anyway, I think my friend helped, and everything’s fine again. Before that however, I was really tempted to give her one of these, and write her a short letter.


Basil flowers/seeds. They look good, and smell absolutely great too!


Here’s what retail therapy meant 😀


THESE ARE SO CHEAP! I nearly flipped when I saw them! Anyway, I’ll probably start experimenting with them soon! Maybe eight October? 😉

I still have papers to sit for next week, plus O’levels in about 8 weeks. So, bye!