As you can see, my “food blog” is currently struggling to survive. As usual, my excuse is that I’m studying for my examinations. However, going cold turkey and not stepping into the kitchen at all I making me feel rather empty.

I’m not going to lie; food’s a big part of my life. Even when I was young, I loved helping my grandmother cook. She prepared the most delicious for us: fried chicken wings, yam kueh and many other homely Asian dishes. She fed me well, too well in fact. For the first 11 years of my life, I was always a few kilograms overweight. In primary school, I was forced to run rounds every morning – something I didn’t enjoy at all. It was absolutely humiliating to rush into class perspiring all over. So the year I turned 12, I decided to go on a “diet”. From that point on, I hated eating what my grandmother cooked. Everything was either too “oily” or too “sweet”.

I did lose the weight, and I’ve been in the “healthy” weight range for a few years now. However, the “diet” mentality was too deeply ingrained in me and it was only recently, after getting over the skinny-is-the-new-sexy phase, that I was able to truly enjoy my food without the omnipresent guilt.

Anyway, enough about my boring and mundane past. So after a few weeks of not baking, I was finally able to turn the dial on my oven back to it’s favourite 180C. No, I didn’t spend an hour preparing cookies. This time, there was piece of chicken meat in my lovely oven. It was accompanied with garlic, onion, carrots, basil and rosmary. YUM. Ever since I bought those little potent bottles of herbs, I’ve been trying to add them to everything I prepare. Be it chicken, rice or corn, they all had tiny little pieces of dried basil or rosemary leaves in them. Trust me when I say that they made a HUGE difference to the taste of simple and plain food. So here’s a picture of my chicken! IMG_1717IMG_1716

So now you know me slightly better, don’t you?

Anyway, if by any chance you’re feeling down, here’re somethings to cheer you up!

IMG_1688IMG_1701I wanted to give the little bottle of flowers to S, but I’m not sure they’ll last that long:/

IMG_1692Feeling grumpy? Well, you can’t be feeling gloomier than this, right?


Basil flowers. Pretty eh? They smell even better!


You guessed right! Rosemary!


I absolutely love these flowers! I think they’re lantana, if I’m not wrong.


Here’s the stay happy finale! It’s self explanatory. Back to bio! ):