I have something to admit. I’m infatuated. Very badly infatuated. With what? With mornings like these

IMG_1450-cropSome mornings are really difficult for me.  School can be up to 10 hours long, with only two half hour breaks in between. Waking up means having to leave my wondrously comfortable bed and my lovely room. So I’ve decided to fang man jiao bu (slow down) and take more notice of the beautiful things around me.


I never did realise that my neighbourhood was so colourful and amazingly beautiful. I guess I finally understand why everyone’s so hyped up about saving Mother Earth. She’s both dazzling and delicate at the same time.
(By the way, I know my pictures aren’t that good yet, but I’m gradually improving!)

I really have to thank Mr Chue for all the help he’s given me with regards to photography. He’s been very patient with all my pathetically amateurish questions about photography.  He’s also introduced the marvelous magic of the function “crop” to me.
I want a D-SLR camera. I really really do! ):

Anyway, I’m feeling really jealous of all the daring bakers. Just two more months until I can join them!

Back to studying, bye! 😀