No time to type much, gotta go for daddy’s birthday lunch. I was feeling rather creative yesrerday, so I decided to make Chocolate Balls, and Tuilles. I’ve never tried a tuille before, so I was rather curious what it would taste like. Hmm, have YOU tried a tuille before? No? Well, it’s slightly chewy, sweet and crisp at time same time! YUM-MY! I started making them at 11 pm. The recipe was really simple. A meringue with butter and flour. Bake each for five minutes, remove, then drape. How long could it take?

2 and a half hours later, atย  2 plus am in the morning, i was still left with one more to bake. Gosh! I didn’t know tuilles were soย  time consuming to make! The shape was really tough to achieve too! They said to use a greased baking sheet. What they actually meant was more of EXTREMELY WELL greased. For the first two, I used only a light coating of oil. The shape was really easy to achieve. My circle was perfectly round. After 5 minutes in the oven, I used a spatula and tried to gently lift my tuille. However, the tuille didn’t seem to want to leave my aluminum foil. So I resorted to prying.

Ironically, my foil tore. The tuille remained firmly attached to the torn foil. :/

So for the next few,ย  I spead a rather thick layer of oil on my baking parchment, and baked it for 7 mintues, until it was a nice golden brown.

Skip till 2 am, and I only had 7 tuilles to show. The rest were in the rubbish bin.

Anyway, I had another 4 eggs that I had cracked, so I decided to make a chocolate cake. Gosh, it was one of the best chocolate cakes I had made! Really moist, really chocolatey. Heaven!

Inspired by Bakerella, I wanted to try making Cake Balls. I didn’t look at her recipe, so I just added thickened cream to hold the crumbs together. Covering them with chocolate was really messy, but it worked out in the end!


it's so rich, it's almost like candy!


this is what I do when I can’t sleep:D

Ask me for the recipe if you’re interested!