I think most Singaporeans are all very familiar with the durian. It’s famous for it’s extremely pungent smell, and is nicknamed is the King of fruits. However, there is another fruit that, although not as well known as the durian, has qualities that are extremely similar to the it. What fruit is it?

It’s the chempadek.

Why is it so special? Well, like the durian, it’s smell  is also very strong. However, unlike the durian, not as many people find the scent as repelling. It’s flesh is also somewhat similar in taste. However it’s quite fiberous, which is unlike the creamy flesh of the durian. In other words, it’s somewhat like the mellower version of the thorny King.

Here’s what a durian looks like:

and this is my chempadek



It took really long to extract the fruit as there was a lot of sticky and gross sap. The result was worth it though! YUM