I never really liked buying muffins and cupcakes. I seldom buy them from stores outside, as they’re rarely/never meet my expectations. I don’t think my expectations are high though. I only expect them to be moist and flavourful. I don’t need them to to contain Valrhona chocolate pearls, top grade organic flour whatsoever.

I can bet you, no one’s a stranger to being seduced by the tempting aromas into buying a delicious and tempting looking muffin, but only to discover on the first bite that it is utterly dry and certainly not what you’d expected it to taste like. Either that or they’re really really greasy, which i find an extreme turnoff.

However, I think I’ve finally tried a muffin that I’m going to love.

There’s a shop selling fresh fruits just outside my house. I pass by there almost everyday as it is on the way to my house. I love the fruits from there, as they are always juicy and sweet. Not to mention affordable! The vendor, let’s call him T, is an affable man, and he is always smiling whenever I walk past. Over the past two years, he and I have become friends. Nowadays, I look forward to his smiling face every time I go home.

Two months ago, he expanded into selling Pandan Chiffon cakes and an assortment of muffins. I find that rather peculiar as there is also another bakery, just two shops aw, that looks a taayd more sophisticated and the food looks more appetizing. (However, the things that are sold, are well, not exactly the best. Some taste like rocks, and they feel like it too :/ ) I found out later that it was becasue selling fruits were not profitable enough.

So today, I stopped by there for the first time in a week, and bought a lovely slice of rockmelon. Just as i was about to leave, the lady in charge of baking the muffins and cakes stopped me. To my surprise, she gave me one of her banana muffins for free. It had just come out of the oven, and was still warm. I promised her I would bake her a cake soon, and left. When I reached home, I pulled out a tiny piece of the muffin, not expecting it to taste very special or especially good. Oh, I was SO wrong. It was moist, packed full of banana flavour, sweet, and the best part? The crunchy slightly caramelized top. YUM. No other words to describe it.

You know you want some.

You know you want some.


This is just a random picture of the sky. I love the dark clouds:DIMG_0912