School starts tomorrow…
Prelim 2 starts on 11th August.
I haven’t even had time to get over the heartache of (most probably definitely) doing really badly for prelim 1.
Ah, that’s life in Singapore for you.

Anyway, I’ve decided. I will only bake twice a month, on the first and the last week of the month. That’s like half of what I used to do. Or maybe even a third! ): At least this plan allows me to participate in the daring baker’s challenge. ( hopefully!) Actually, come to think of it, i might not even  be able to take part in the August/Sept/Oct challenges!
Why don’t you just kill me, please?

Anyway, I’ll have one more “fun time” this thurs. It”s gonna be a supre rushed one. Hopefully it’ll turn out okay.

It BETTER turn out good. I’ve got a reputation and a friend to consider!

Anyway, I’ll only post while I’m at school. No computer time at home from now on, if i can help it :DDDDD.

Gonna meet JY to get my flour, icing sugar….
And my Additional Mathematics homework.
Wish me MUCH luck for Tues and Wed, please? I desperately need it.