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I know, I know. This is a food blog. There’s not supposed to be school related boring stuff here):



No time to type much, gotta go for daddy’s birthday lunch. I was feeling rather creative yesrerday, so I decided to make Chocolate Balls, and Tuilles. I’ve never tried a tuille before, so I was rather curious what it would taste like. Hmm, have YOU tried a tuille before? No? Well, it’s slightly chewy, sweet and crisp at time same time! YUM-MY! I started making them at 11 pm. The recipe was really simple. A meringue with butter and flour. Bake each for five minutes, remove, then drape. How long could it take?

2 and a half hours later, at  2 plus am in the morning, i was still left with one more to bake. Gosh! I didn’t know tuilles were so  time consuming to make! The shape was really tough to achieve too! They said to use a greased baking sheet. What they actually meant was more of EXTREMELY WELL greased. For the first two, I used only a light coating of oil. The shape was really easy to achieve. My circle was perfectly round. After 5 minutes in the oven, I used a spatula and tried to gently lift my tuille. However, the tuille didn’t seem to want to leave my aluminum foil. So I resorted to prying.

Ironically, my foil tore. The tuille remained firmly attached to the torn foil. :/

So for the next few,  I spead a rather thick layer of oil on my baking parchment, and baked it for 7 mintues, until it was a nice golden brown.

Skip till 2 am, and I only had 7 tuilles to show. The rest were in the rubbish bin.

Anyway, I had another 4 eggs that I had cracked, so I decided to make a chocolate cake. Gosh, it was one of the best chocolate cakes I had made! Really moist, really chocolatey. Heaven!

Inspired by Bakerella, I wanted to try making Cake Balls. I didn’t look at her recipe, so I just added thickened cream to hold the crumbs together. Covering them with chocolate was really messy, but it worked out in the end!


it's so rich, it's almost like candy!


this is what I do when I can’t sleep:D

Ask me for the recipe if you’re interested!

I think most Singaporeans are all very familiar with the durian. It’s famous for it’s extremely pungent smell, and is nicknamed is the King of fruits. However, there is another fruit that, although not as well known as the durian, has qualities that are extremely similar to the it. What fruit is it?

It’s the chempadek.

Why is it so special? Well, like the durian, it’s smell  is also very strong. However, unlike the durian, not as many people find the scent as repelling. It’s flesh is also somewhat similar in taste. However it’s quite fiberous, which is unlike the creamy flesh of the durian. In other words, it’s somewhat like the mellower version of the thorny King.

Here’s what a durian looks like:

and this is my chempadek



It took really long to extract the fruit as there was a lot of sticky and gross sap. The result was worth it though! YUM


Gosh, I’m beginning to feel the pressure. Again. Prelim 2’s coming in August, and the time table’s already out!

Anyway, my seniors and I wanted to have a little gathering. It’s been a while since we’ve met, so we arranged for a meeting tody to celebrate SY’s birthday. So i decided to make a simple cheesecake for us to share:D

The recipe’s the same as the one for the strawberry cheesecake, except i substituted yogurt with thickened cream , added 2 extra tablespoons of cornflour and a little chopped chocolate,

It was really good. The previous one that I made, had a light tang that came from the yogurt. This one however, was really rich and sweet. Creamy, cheesy and slightly chocolate-y at the same time.  Although the base was rather thick, it did not overwhelm the taste 0f the cheese, but rather, it balanced out the richness of the filling. Overall, it wasn’t too bad, considering that I had modified the original recipe so much that it certainly did not taste like the one I made the first time a few months ago. Hope they’ll enjoy it!


Updated: They loved it:D  4 of them finished the little 6 inch cake 😀

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about some things. Recently, Mom commented that I was too ambitious. I’ve never thought that way about myself before. Trying my best  to score the highest in class, to be the best tennis player, to bake well and so on is like second nature to me. Furthermore, when I don’t get what I had been subconsciously aiming for, I get pretty upset.

So why am i rambling on about all this?

No, its not because I watched Harry Potter and I’m hoping to be worth 10 millions bucks in the future, like Daniel Radcliffe is.

Anyway, I was just visiting food blogs and I was thinking, wow, they have so many comments and most probably numerous hits too. So I began feeling rather sad about my little cheesecake above, as it is rather simple as compared to what others attempt.

Then I realized that, hey, Sweet Surrender’s not even a month old. It’s practically a baby! Moreover, I had also made some calculation errors. I haven’t been baking for close to 3 years. It’s more of only one and a half. WOW. So I’ve progressed from making failure brownies to creating wonderful cheesecakes that I think up of myself in just one and a half years.

Not bad, huh! So I guess it’s time for me to stop sweating the small stuff and start living life more happily, like M.

dinner is served!

dinner is served!

I cooked half the dishes there, and helped prepare three of them!:D
gotta go!

(to E: I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!:D)

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